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Janz Team Singers - Along the Road

No Greater Love - He Touched Me - Going To Build My Life - Nobody Cared - The King Is Coming - I Didn't Know - Along The Road - The New 23rd - The Savior Is Waiting - Our Great Savior - Why Say No - Will You Keep That Vow

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Janz Team Singers (Image VII)

I'm Gonna Keep On Singin' (Andraé Crouch) - I'm Going Back (Jimmy Owens) - I Don't Know Why Jesus Loved Me (Andraé Crouch) - It's An Old, Old Story (Ken Janz) - Everything's The Same - God Speaking To You - The Answer To The Why - Reach Out To Jesus (Ralph Carmichael) - Freedom, Peace And Love (Michael Omartian) - He Will Hear You - It's Not As Though.

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