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Lynual Younce - The Voice

1 Talk With The King

2 Crying Grace

3 I Love You

4 Got Mine In The Valley

5 I'm Going To Make It

6 Dew Drops

7 There Will Be A Resurrection

8 Super Church

9 God's Hall Of Fame

10 The Final Voice (feat. Donnie Reagan)

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Lynual Younce - Rapturing Grace

1 Rapturing Grace

2 I Left Her For Him

3 The End

4 Preparations From The Other Side

5 The Day Before The Fall

6 I'm Watching The Bride

7 Let It Be Me

8 The Cruelty Of Silence

9 The Lamb Led The Dove

10 God's Will

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Lynual Younce - There'll be another Spring

1 There'll Be Another Spring

2 Wrong

3 Little Things

4 Thirst

5 Of Whom The World's Not Worthy

6 I'm His Bride

7 Reality

8 I Want To Leave

9 Don't Tell Me

10 We'll All Live Happy Ever After

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Lynual Younce - He gave me you

1 He Gave Me You (dedicated to Lois Younce)

2 Friends In High Places 

3 If You Look At Me

4 New Creation  (feat. The Happy Valley Youth Choir)

5 God Rich In Mercy

6 Heartbeat Of Heaven

7 I Love You

8 Thanks For The Storm

9 I Was In Prison  (Brad & Annette Younce)

10 Lonesome God

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Lynual Younce - I'm A Believer

1 I'm A Believer  (feat.The Happy Valley Church Youth Choir)

2 I Must Be Near The Homeland

3 I Got A Piece Of The Rock

4 My Own Personal Calvary

5 The Son's Up

6 All I Want To Be Is Free

7 It's Gone

8 The Bride's Revival

9 I'll Take Care Of You

10 Eyes Have Not Seen

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Lynual Younce - Praying, Watching, Waiting (dw)

1 Praying, Watching, Waiting

2 Where Could I Go

3 The Choices We Make

4 Another Day In The Life Of A Preacher

5 Lead Me

6 Let's Go Find Them

7 You Are Love

8 This Ain't The Time

9 When You Come Down

10 Wish I Was Already Gone

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Lynual Younce - From The Heart And Soul -

1 Red, White And Blue

2 Crying Grace

3 Life Without Parole

4 Two Pieces of Wood and Three Nails

5 I Got Mine In The Valley

6 Story Of Grace

7 Extended Grace Hall of Fame

8 I'm Gonna To Make It

9 Stone And Sling

10 Voices Crying From The Dust

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All Songs written by Lynual Younce !


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